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Step Up is the culmination of ten years of research and practical experience in the development of skateboarding and entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to empower young people to be in charge of their own destiny through sport, education, and cooperation using skateboarding as a medium. Step Up exposes the original ‘extreme sport’, skateboarding, to countries around the world. It is a collaborative effort between socially conscious professional skateboarders who are aware of the empowerment individually focused sports like skateboarding gives to young people, industry leading companies who see the globe as their neighborhood and believe in charitable investments in new markets, and the US Department of State through its embassies who understand that the best way to bring a lasting positive change to the country they are based in is by influencing the local population through their youth. Step Up is an apolitical organization in every aspect except when it comes to free trade and public park development.

Through agreements with trade ministries and partnerships with local entrepreneurs, Step Up builds regional distribution networks to serve the countries we are operating in.

Step Up will also host small business workshops for young adults who want to start their own skateboard retail shop.

When it comes to building a skateboard park, Step Up firmly believes in using the best materials possible and that only skateboard park builders should build skateboard parks.

This means building parks out of concrete and partnering with professional skateboard park builders. Certain situations will require a temporary solution made from wood, however these facilities will only be temporary and will be removed after no more than 12 months to make way for a more permanent solution. All skateboard parks will be designed by professional skateboard park designers in conjunction with the local skateboard population in order to make sure that the park built represents the needs of the local skaters.

A key to the successful development of skateboarding in a country is education of both the general public and the skateboarders themselves.

Through public outreach, professional demonstrations, and media campaigns we will explain to the average person how skateboarding is a safe and healthy activity that is no less legitimate than a classical sport such as soccer or basketball. We will also focus on the positive elements of an individual-based activity such as skateboarding and how a person uninterested in team based sports may find a strong interest in skateboarding.

Step Up also seeks to educate the skateboarders themselves in the proper fundamentals, safety, and how to use their skills to teach others. It is our goal to establish a sustainable cycle of skateboarders passing on their knowledge to the generation that follows them.


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